Saturday, May 30, 2009

Double-Duty: Watkins Vanilla

I love, love, love finding items that serve more than one purpose. This is especially great for those living a green lifestyle.

My latest find is Watkins Pure Vanilla extract. (I found it at Walmart for about $4). It comes in this adorable, four-inch tall, vintage-like glass bottle. When you've used up all the delicious contents, instead of tossing the bottle in the trash or recycling bin - use it as a sweet little bud vase! They make an even bigger statement when several of them are grouped together! Could you see five of these little babies lined up on a sun-drenched window sill?

What items do double-duty in your home or garden?


  1. Thanks Kristy!

    (Watkins has a bunch of other relly great products with super cute packaging that I'd love to use in the same way too! You can find them at



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