Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Are you Immune to your Home's Eyesores?

I love having family and friends who are willing to give honest feedback about my home.

This past weekend, while tidying up for company to arrive, my mom (who was helping me) asked, "what is that doing there"? She was referring to an old, ugly, metal ladder which had taken up permanent residence in my baby's small nursery. I had gotten so used to seeing it there that I had become "immune" to what an eyesore it was. It had been there for months!

I then begged her to go from room to room with me to point out any other eyesores I had become immune to. She was hesitant (I'm sure she didn't want to hurt my feelings) but once she realized I sincerely wanted her feedback, she agreed.

We found a tabletop baby swing leaning against the crib which looked much better under the skirted crib. There were a couple of wooden TV trays leaning against the brick surrounding the fireplace, and a vacuum tucked next to the TV armoire. I had some major paper clutter going on in my kitchen problem spot (you know...the spot where clutter seems to magically gather overnight). Once we cleared everything out, my house magically had a "sparkle" to it!

So, to add instant sparkle to your home, do a walk-through with a friend or family member whose opinion you trust (and who also does not live with you). You can also do this yourself if you just shift your perspective to see your home the way others may see it if they were entering it for the first time. This technique is an absolute MUST if you are planning on selling your home.

How many eyesores can you find?


  1. Oh Jen, my WHOLE house is full of eyesores. But I know exactly what you mean. My Mom sometimes says things when she comes over.

  2. Hey Cara!

    If your house is TRULY full of eyesores (I doubt it - this woman's house is DARLING people!!) then I say it's time for a little challenge! Grab a friend and get busy clearing all those eyesores outta there! My specific challenge is to make your kitchen and living room 100% eyesore free. Of course you have to take before and after pictures and send them to me!!! Good luck!



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