Friday, March 12, 2010

The Travel Adventures of SJ Products!

So, I'm not the best traveled person in the world. As a child, my family took trips to several of the western states. As a teen, I visited the New England states (and absolutely LOVED it!!). And after I was married, my husband and I Honemooned in Cancun, Mexico. These days my travels consist of frequent road trips back and forth between Utah and Idaho. I've always wanted a big, stylishly-framed travel map, in muted colors on my wall with pins scattered everywhere, charting all my exciting travels! I can feel it coming...

As I was checking the stats of my new online store, it showed a map with virtual pins where my customers have ordered from! This gave me a fun idea!! Ready??

FREE shipping to any new state I ship to!

The first person in every state I have not yet shipped to will receive FREE SHIPPING! How does this work? When I receive your order, I will refund your shipping amount if I have never shipped to your state before!

The only states NOT eligible so far are:

Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Idaho, New York, Tennessee, and Utah!

If you live in these states, tell your out-of-state friends! Help me scatter virtual pins on my store's travel map! (And you [or they] will enjoy some fabulous products with FREE SHIPPING!!)

Sound like fun? I think so!


PS - If you refer a friend, have them include your name in their order details and I'll give you a special discount on your next order! ;)
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