Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bug Bites in Hong Kong!

My friend Shanna (besties since 7th grade!) called me today from Hong Kong, China. She and her family of three moved there less than a week ago (!!!), and did I mention she's pregnant? Brave, adventurous, wonderful girl!

Anyway, back to this phone call. She called to tell me that she was nearly eaten alive by bugs during her and her daughter's recent trip to the park. When she gets bug bites, they really swell up, so she was NOT happy. So when they returned home, she used my first-aid stick. By that night, the bug bites were almost completely gone! Needless to say - I was ecstatic!

When I introduced my first-aid stick last year, we were past bug-bite season, so this has been the first chance to see it in action on bug-bites! And just so you know, the essential oils contained in my first-aid stick are effective at keeping bugs away in the first place!

If you're interested in purchasing a first-aid stick, visit my online store!


PS - Diaper rash? Cuts? ACNE? Rashes? Headaches? Cold sores? First-Aid Stick to the rescue!! :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SJ Products travel to NEW YORK CITY!

Congratulations to Lara J.!

Lara is my first customer to order from New York and received FREE SHIPPING! Thanks Lara for adding a pin to my virtual SJ travel map! I hope you enjoy your Sea Buckthorn Anti-Aging Facial Cream!!

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