Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What's that Smell?!

Apparently, if you break apart a head of garlic and throw the cloves in a pretty, airtight, glass container and stash it in your spice cabinet, and then forget about it until you smell something really'll have a little surprise!

Yes, I'm a sucker for glass containers. I thought, "Oh! I'll just stash my garlic in this cute little glass container. That will look cute!" Then one day, I smelled this really pungent, sour smell. I followed my nose to my spice cabinet and found this...

The little darlings had sprouted! (And BOY did they want the world to know! Pugh!) I guess that airtight seal created the perfect, moist environment for the cloves to sprout.

So, I buried one little clove in a plastic cup filled with dirt. Can hardly wait to transplant it in my new, first-time-ever garden! I'll be filling you in on that little adventure soon! And of course I'll keep you posted on Stinky's progress...

What about you? I'd love for you to spill the "beans" on your gardening adventures by posting a comment below!

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