Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Retreat: Found!

Have you ever completely and utterly overlooked the potential of something (or someone) only to find at some point down the road, that you've had a priceless gem sitting right under your nose?

Well, this past weekend, I took a little gander into my own backyard. We have an old shed back there which has been housing a bunch of our junk from when we moved in three years ago. The junk got stacked out there, was covered with a tarp, and hasn't been looked through (or needed) since. I think that's a pretty good indication it's time to declutter! (I'd say a garage sale is in order!)

Once I got past the true junk, I noticed a few items that were left behind from the previous owners. In fact, they look so wonderfully old, that they may be items left from even the original owners! (Our house is 89 years old).

First I found this shabby old table under a bunch of boxes and tires. I think it could be quite (shabby)chic. It has old layers of paint in cool hues of beachy blue, green and rust.

Next I spotted this completely awesome old wire basket in that same blue-green color. I can imagine the owners 89 years ago collecting their eggs in this basket and toting them into the house. This is by far my favorite piece.

Do you think this bucket could have really been used to wring out their laundry? This makes me really thankful for the spin cycle!

Look at this charming little rooster bell! I wonder what it was used for. Any ideas?

Among all the interesting things I found inside the shed...the most exciting discovery was the shed itself! Remember my post on really craving an outdoor space to enjoy this summer? Well, I've decided to transform the largest section of the shed into an outdoor room! Here are a few inspiration photos:

You can see from my inspiration photos that I'm going for a Shabby Chic look in hues of blue and green (inspired by my old table and basket) along with a soft white and some rustic woods (old crates) to ground the space. I'll be painting the old paneled walls (aren't they great?), and the (not-so-great) concrete floor.

Here is the tin roof from inside. To paint or not to paint - that is the question. Can you see the old original electrical wiring?

My goal is to finish this room on a thrift-store budget using as many items that I already own as I can. I already have a table for dining, dining chairs, a chandelier, and decor for the walls. I just need to find some really comfy seating - perhaps even a daybed, long with a few other items.

What do you think? Am I crazy, or do you think this could actually be a great outdoor space?


  1. I definetly would do the whole inside white. What a great idea, can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. AHH i love this idea!! I want one! You are so creative!!

  3. Yes I do think you're crazy... and I think this could be a great space.
    Suggestion for the roof: Perhaps cut a sky light or two to allow in natural light.
    And don't forget the most important part: a big comfy chair for book reading.

  4. Ryan, you're a genius! Skylights never crossed my mind! Now the wheels are turning as to how I might create them inexpensively (remember the tight budget?). Maybe some inexpensive Plexiglas and some silicone caulk to make them water tight? As for a comfy place to read...well, I completely agree!


  5. THAT IS AWESOME!!!!! I cant wait to see it!!! So exciting!! Skylights sound awesome too!!!

  6. THAT IS AWESOME!!! I can't wait to see the final! Skylights are a great idea too!!!! LOVE IT!!

  7. Favorite post so far...! Nicole


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