Monday, June 15, 2009

Comments People! Comments!

Blogging is great fun, but do you know what makes it really fun and fulfilling? READER COMMENTS!! Whenever someone posts a comment, I get giddy with excitement. (Okay, so it doesn't take much to please me...) So do me a favor and let me know you've been here! If you've tried commenting in the past without success, you'll be glad to know I recently changed the commenting requirements so it's much easier now! (Click on the word "comments" if you don't already see the comment box below).

On the other hand - if you have any questions regarding interior design, graphic design, natural health, or need help coming up with creative ideas (birthday themes, cheap anniversary plans, gift ideas, business marketing, etc), give me a holler! Your question may even get the spotlight right here! (Email:

Come on...turn my frown upside down. You know you wanna share the love, and make my day - right? ;)

Jen (xo)


  1. I love you Jen. You are always up to something fun! Good for you. How are things for you and Tony?

  2. Ok Im going to make a comment because I know how happy it's going to make you and...that makes me happy too! :) I have a question for you on cheap anniversary ideas. I don't care how far we have to travel. I looked at Park City ideas and for hotel, shopping, dining and alpine slides and the zipline it is right around $600. Any other ideas comparable??!!

  3. I'm here! Still love the blog!!!...Brandi

  4. Hey Jen! You are amazingly talented..there are so many things I need your help on I cant just pick one..have a great day!

  5. Hi Jennise! (CO Lamb Fam)
    I love you too! Thanks for answering my plea for comments! (LOL) Tony and I are doing great. As a singer yourself, you'll appreciate this great performance by Tony:
    I'm so proud of him. Stay in touch!


  6. Jen- I need your help. We are currently building a house which has two-story walls in the great room. We are in need on a way to break it up because they seem very tall. Should we just use paint or some sort of bead board. Help please!


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