Friday, January 15, 2010

SJ Survey plus 20% off!

Hi there, Simply Jen fans!

I just finished creating my first survey for Simply Jen products and I'm so excited! I've been thinking a lot about my product line, wondering what new products I should add, and if customers feel good about the prices of each product. The bottom line is - I want to know what you guys are thinking so I can make my products better in every way.

So...this first survey is a quick little 10-question, 3-minute survey to find out what you guys think of the current product line and how each product is priced.

Later I'd love to know what you guys think of the current scents offered and how I can better cater to your preferences! I'm also going to want to know what new products you would like to see added! I'm thinking of completing my baby line with diaper creams, baby powder, and eventually baby wipes. I want to add facial cleansers, as well as household cleaners! And of course there are deodorants, toothpastes, perfumes, makeup, and nail polish! The idea of formulating new stuff really gets me giddy! But for now, I'll pull back on the reigns and focus on this first itty-bitty survey. First things first.

So, pretty please...take this quick survey, and I'll reward you with 20% off your next order!!

Click here to begin the survey!


PS - If you have anything to say about my big plans for expanding my product line, feel free to pipe up! There's no need to hold back for the next survey! :)

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