Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Naturopathic Medicine Cabinet

I'm a big believer in natural health. I love being able to keep my family healthy and treat illness using gentle, natural, methods. I myself haven't used antibiotics for over 14 years. Antibiotics kill the bad and good bacteria, weakening the immune system. Antibiotics do have their place and I am grateful we have access to them when needed.

I also give birth to my children at home using hypnosis (it really works!). Of course I'm always accompanied by a skilled midwife & naturopathic doctor. Dr. Brenda Grogan, ND, of The Healthy Way is wonderful. Over the years she has taught me a lot about healing naturally. She's a wonderful educator and loves sharing her knowledge. (If you have a health question, you can ask her via her website under "Ask Dr. Brenda").

This is what I always keep in my Naturopathic medicine cabinet:

(DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor and offer this information only as an example of what I have found to be useful, natural methods of healing. Please seek advice from a qualified health practitioner if you are experiencing any health issues).

  • Immunity of Thieves Oil (Purchase Here)
    A highly anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal blend of essential oils. As a preventative measure, I apply it full strength or diluted to the bottoms of the feet as a bedtime ritual. At the first sign of illness, I increase application to 3x daily and rub it (diluted) on the chest and back. This usually stops an illness in its tracks especially if I catch it early. (We also use this daily to brush our teeth!)

  • Tea Tree Oil (Purchase Here)
    An antiseptic and anti-fungal. At the first sign of illness (2-3 times daily), I rub full-strength tea tree oil down the spine, behind the ears and on the bottoms of feet. It has always either prevented the illness from progressing or shortened the life of the illness. While the Immunity of Thieves oil is my first choice, I'll sometime alternate between the two. Tea Tree on the body, Immunity on the feet, and visa versa.

  • Lavender Oil (Purchase Here)
    An antiseptic. This oil is great for burns and cuts. I burned my finger badly on some hot glue during a craft project I was working on for the Southern Idaho Living Magazine. I immediately rubbed lavender oil on the burn. The pain went away within seconds, and the next day you couldn't tell when the burn had been. I also use it to relieve braxton-hicks contractions during pregnancy, and tension headaches. Besides, it smells sooo good!

  • Colloidal Silver
    Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic. I have found it completely successful at healing ear and eye infections. When sprayed or dripped into the nostrils, it has healed sore throats and sinus infections.

  • Echinacea/Goldenseal (I like Nature's Way brand)
    Also a natural antibiotic. I use this at the first sign of illness along with the tea tree oil. It takes longer that conventional antibiotics, but is much more gentle on the system.

  • Liquid Chlorophyll (I like mine with mint)
    When taken (2 Tbsp.) twice daily, I have found chlorophyll to be an effective deodorizer. Whan I take it on a regular basis, I find that I don't need to use underarm deodorant - and no more matches in the bathroom! :)

  • St. John's Wort (I like liquid/tincture form)
    This has been an absolute LIFESAVER for me after having my children. I experience terrible postpartum depression and this is like putting on rose colored glasses! We buy this in bulk! It is wonderful during times of stress and also relieves symtoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

  • Rescue Remedy by Bach Flower
    This is another good one for stress and anxiety. I keep it in my purse or diaper bag - just in case. Works very fast.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar (I like Bragg's brand)
    This stuff is good for everything - seriously. I'll have to write an entirely separate post on the benefits of apple cider vinegar. In short, it's great for arthritis, yeast, fungus, bronchitis, skin conditions, body odor, and much more. It is a natural antibiotic and antiseptic. I take 2 tablespoons of ACV in warm water with a tablespoon of honey and sip twice daily.

  • Epsom Salts (Available at your local drug store)
    Soaking in epsom salt draws inflammation and infection from the body. It's great for aches, pains and sore muscles. When my children are sick, they enjoy soaking in a warm tub of epsom salts. They always seem to feel much better afterwards.

  • Lobelia Tincture (I like Dr. Christopher's Brand)
    Lobelia is a bronchial dilator, expectorant and emetic. You can use it to expel thick mucous from the bronchial tubes and lungs. I recently had a bout with bronchitis. My lungs were tight and I couldn't clear them. About an hour after taking 10 drops of lobelia tincture in water, my lungs had loosened greatly and I was able to clear things out.
What do you keep in your naturopathic medicine chest?

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